Scaredy cats

You think cats are scared of cucumbers, but thats on the only thing they’re scared of!  In fact these curious cats are just watching the birds outside, but doggie wants to join too!  


Cat seeking some snowy affection

He Thought The Cat Wanted To Be Let In. Wait Till You See What She REALLY Wants! At first it appears that Nala the cat wants to be let in, especially since it’s cold out, however…


Cat : You Shall Not Pass!

Kitty Guard Watches The Baby, But When He Tries To Come Out….Keep Watching, TOO Funny!It doesn’t matter how this kid tries to pass, this kitty is quite the faithful guard and refuses to let anyone…


You’ve Gotta See This Cats Reaction

He Comes Home From Work, But Then…You’ve Gotta See This Cats Reaction, OMG!!..After helping his human owner close the door, he jumps up on his shoulders to say hello. It happens so much that he decided…


Adorable CATS MEOWS For Food

She Brings Out The Food, But When The Kittens See It…You’ve Gotta Hear The Response! Just watch what these kitties do every time their food is served